Wednesday, January 18, 2017


18 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Got my gym workout in this morning but took it easy when it came to the weights. Used 10# weights instead of my usual 15# weights. Bought some Icy Hot patches and no mess applicator but will get some Tiger Balm tomorrow at Walgreen's since that's what the guys in the gym use. Tomorrow I'll do Legs/Abs and go light on the weights.  Not sure if I like the Icy Hot applicator or not when I use the patches it's cold but this is hot almost like my back in on fire.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


17 days for 2017 and every day since Dec 1 2016. Back feeling a little better but will get more pain patches or even check on the icy hot patches too. Taking the back brace to put on after this loses effectiveness.  No gym workout today but plan on walking in place while watching TV later today.

Monday, January 16, 2017


16 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1st 2016. Scale down 0.4# for the week and 1.1# for the month. Got in an hour of walking during the fourth hour of Today. Started out at 1132 steps and ended with 8388 so I took 7267 steps in an hour. Went from 5% daily activity goal to 57% in that hours time.  Shortly need to charge my A300 to full battery will do that shortly then fold laundry while it's charging. Charging my A300 for an hour and half or so to get a full battery. Burned 242 calories in an hour this morning and will try and walk in place for an hour every day this week regardless if I get to the gym or not.  Laundry folded and A300 is closer to being charged to 100% then will work to get the rest of my steps in for the day.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


15 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale down 0.7# for the week and 1.4# for the month so far with one week left in the training month. Weather and road conditions will dictate if I go to the gym tomorrow or if I just walk in place watching TV like I did on Friday. Rest of the week is still a go for my workouts but will lift lighter than normal until my back feels better. Wearing a heat pain patch but it's almost too cool so will put on my cooper care back brace before I leave for work. I've never been so glad to miss a truck day than I am to be off tomorrow to let my back rest and I won't be lifting anything heavy on Friday for that truck. Gonna try and not drop anything that I have to bend over to pick up since my back hurts to bend over.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


14 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale down 1.9# for the week and 2.6# for the month. Won't know for another few hours what my work schedule for next week will be so I can plan my workouts. Think I'll go easy this week since think I tweaked or pulled something in my lower back on Thursday during I think dead lifts. Going to see after a couple more days how my back feels if I call the doctor or not. Plan if I can to get into the box on Mon and use my foam roller to roll out my back. Started my check in e-mail to Christian and will finish it and send it after I get home from work later.

Friday, January 13, 2017


13 days for 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Started out at 2,084 steps at noon and walked in place for The Chew and now I'm at 9,730 steps so got 7,646 in an hour's time. Was at 9% daily activity goal then and now at 51% so need about 4 and a half hours up left to reach 100% daily activity goal for the day. Need to take a photo shortly and post to Facebook and Twitter via Instagram. Scale down 1.2# for the week and down 1.9# for the month so still on the right track even if it was up 1.2# from yesterday but it should be down tomorrow.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


12 days in a row for 2017 and every day since Dec 1st 2016. Got in a great Back/Biceps workout using the proper form that Logan and Melynn demonstrated on Facebook Live yesterday afternoon. Will see what my schedule looks like for next week and if I'm off on Mon, Wed, or Fri I'll take Scott's morning class but if not then I'll wait until I'm off one of those days to drop in on the class.