Saturday, December 31, 2016


Not as sore today as yesterday so think I should be ready to hit it hard on Tuesday for strength and back at my normal weights.  As of 20 til 11 no schedule for next week yet still hoping to see it in the next hour or so.  Schedule was just published and it didn't change from when it was accidentally published on Tuesday so still 5 days of workouts 2 Cardio days and 3 strength days.Still down 2.4# for the week and month so far weight was the same this morning but down for the week and month.  Still trying to decide if I want to join TOPS online this time or not. Whatever I decide to do Christian is behind me no matter what. Might see how this 4 weeks goes then decide after if I want to rejoin but online this time instead of going and sitting in a meeting where they get off topic too easy.

Friday, December 30, 2016


Still sore from this past week's workouts but not as sore as yesterday at least for now. Will know after walking and standing at work if I'm still really sore or not.  Work a short shift today so will stretch when I get home need to look up some stretches to do but will do that later. Still hoping to have close to 10K steps by the time I get home tonight. Finished binge watching Fuller House last night so need to find something else on Netflix to watch until season 3 comes out.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Sore from this week's workouts and glad I have tomorrow and this weekend to work through the soreness. Listening to my XM radio and 90's on 9 these great songs take me back to Jr High and High School.  Monday night I started watching Fuller House on Netflix and finished season 1 that night and started season 2 last night and will try to finish it as soon as I get 10K steps for the day. I've already reached my daily activity goal for today.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Had an amazing Leg Workout today burned 714 calories. Bought some holiday M&M's since they were on sale. Ate a few handfuls of them and now they are in my bag to take to work and put in the drawer to share with Becca. Watched part of the Facebook Live from 24hr fitness with Mica and I think she said that Christian will be there next Wed at 3PM so will tune into that one too.  Almost finished with my third bottle of 24oz and will go get more to really shoot for my 120oz of water and actually track it on my fitness pal. After my tea in the first bottle of water then BCAA in the second bottle this one and the last 2 will be straight water with nothing in it. Charging my headphones now as the battery went dead this morning and I put a pair of corded headphones in my bag just in case that happens again or I decide not to use the bluetooth. Until my headphones died I was listening to XM radio 90's on 9.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Down 3# for the week and also for the month. Felt good to get back into the gym and lift again today. Decided to check my e-mail between sets and saw next weeks work schedule has been published so I can plan on getting in 5 days of workouts 2 Cardio days and 3 strength days. I get to go to church at home on Sunday morning since I work 12:15-6 then the other 4 days Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat I work 5AM-11AM for truck on Mon and Fri and second day stock Tues and Sat. Bought a new water bottle just in case this one gets cracked from being dropped from the blue boats at work or from a dumbbell hitting it and knocking it over. 

Monday, December 26, 2016


Scale was up 3.1# for the week and down 1# for the month so will really try for a loss of 5# this month. Thinking about rejoining TOPS but with an online membership instead of a local chapter. Sent Christian an e-mail to see what he thinks of the idea since not sure I can do it on my own. So much has happened between holidays and getting sick I'm not sure I can do it alone. I might need that TOPS support but online and not a chapter since the meetings are in the evenings and I prefer to weigh in the mornings. Would rather not go back to my old chapter because they get off topic way too easy.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Merry Christmas!!! Down 1.8# for the month but up 2.3# for the week. Had a little too much to drink last night and I knew I would have a headache last night. Had fun though playing with snapchat after we opened gifts. Body fat for the week is down 0.2% and for the month is the same as it was at the start of the month.  Watching my snacks and eating today to have a good weigh in tomorrow morning. Will get it sent to Christian tomorrow morning early and will get my cardio workout in after I get off work. Later I'll pack a new workout outfit in my bag for tomorrow's Cardio session after work. Need to up my activity level again to level 2 since I'm back to 100% well again.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Merry Christmas Eve!!! Down 2.9# for the month now but up 1.2# for the week so watching my sweets tonight and watching my snacking tomorrow and I should be OK for weigh in on Monday morning. Had to redo my nails as they were chipping earlier this week and have the top coat left to put on. Will get in the gym Monday before or around noon to get my Cardio workout in then my 3 lifting days this week. I'm so ready to get back into the gym after a 3 week layoff due to illness.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Feeling a lot better and will try and do without Mucinex for today. Still 3.7# down for the month still hoping to get to 5# down for the month by Monday's weigh in. Plan on redoing my nails either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon haven't decided yet.  Had my best steps day yesterday and will try and do it again today and get in over 11K steps.

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Getting ready for work the longest shift of the week but that's OK cause I just have a 3 hour shift tomorrow then 5 hour and 45 min shift on Saturday. Feeling better just have 1 more dose of antibiotic but will continue Mucinex for a couple more days just to be sure. For the month I'm down 3.7# hope to be 5# down to have someone at the gym take my pic with a 5# weight like Christian and Mica have their in studio clients do but I thought it would be fun to do it myself.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Tired after an early morning but can't lay down for half hour at least since I don't lay down for an hour after I eat. Feeling a lot better and plan on being back in the gym first thing or when the schedule allows next week. Think I'll go sit on my bed and play with my Ipad the rest of the evening now that everything on the computer is done and I have over 10K steps for the day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Been blogging every day since I put it in my most used bookmarks and can't close the tab until I post something anything just something.  Plan for 2017 is to write something even it it's a couple of lines every day. Work 5AM-11AM tomorrow then 11AM-7:45 on Thursday then noon to 3PM on Friday and Saturday 6AM-11:45 then get ready for Christmas on my dad's side. Feeling better but still not well enough to workout just yet but will get up and walk in place while watching Kathie Lee and Hoda on the fourth hour of Today.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Scale down 0.5# from last week and for the month I'm down 4.1# so a much better month than I've ever had since I started working with Christian. Letting my ear treatment drain a little more before taking the cotton ball out then will get a shower.  After my shower I'll use the new callus cream I got from Avon this morning.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Didn't get to use the ear wax remover last night or this morning so will here after a while.  Think I'll go back to the Lippy for when I work longer than a few hours and church. Feeling better but not 100% yet. Scale is still down for the week and month which ends next Sunday.  Might go on Youtube and find a walking video to do tomorrow if I'm feeling better.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Used the ear wax remover last night and will do it again here in a few. Will leave it set with my head tilted for 5 minutes. Decided last night to go ahead and do my nails they turned out pretty good and I love the color.  As much as I love the LipSense lip color and gloss I bought some Cover Girl Outlast and will start wearing it since I got kinda bored with using the lippy every day and couldn't use any chapstick/lip balm.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Got some antibiotic from the doctor this morning and am continuing Mucinex and using ear wax remover to help the stuffy ear. Haven't tried the ear wax remover yet but will a little later tonight.  Bought some red nail polish with sparkles and used the base coat now and will do the color then top coat in a few.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Scale down 1.6# from Monday not the way I want to lose weight by being sick and not feeling like eating much of anything.  Still coughing but not as bad as yesterday but the day is still young yet. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Called the doctor this morning and can't get in until Friday morning so going to rest for the rest of the day then when I can tomorrow. Hoping to be back in the gym by Monday but only after my doctor's appointment and after I see the work schedule on Saturday afternoon determine my workout schedule if there is one next week.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Went and got some sinus rinse and cough medicine this afternoon. Going to call the doctor in the morning after my big coughing fit after lunch. Taking the rest of the week off until I'm truly better.  Was glad to have had 2 days off but wish it could've been longer to truly rest and get better.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Scale was down 1.4# this week from last but body fat was up 0.4% for the week. Woke up around 6:20 coughing so finally around 6:30 got up and took cough medicine then went back to bed for a little while longer. Almost finished with my tea then will get some Emergen-C and drink it before more water with Green Tea in it. Taking today off again from my workouts and will take clothes just in case I feel up to it tomorrow afternoon but might want to take this week off too and hit it hard hopefully next week when I'm feeling better. Listening to The Jillian Michael's Show Podcast since I just have 1 podcast left to listen to but have several Jillian show's left to listen to.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Finally printed my workouts for Dec and created the last 2 templates so now I'm ready for the week that is if I'm feeling up to it tomorrow morning. Christian thinks I'm ready to try and workout this week but I'll see how I feel in the morning. Scale is down 1# from last week with today left before weigh in tomorrow morning. Feeling better but might take another nap here in an hour or so since I don't lay down for an hour after I eat to let my food digest a little better.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Still not feeling good but off tomorrow so will print and get my last 2 templates created then for my workouts. Next week's workouts will all depend on how I feel on Monday morning. Bought a new mouse this late morning/early afternoon and it's the next model up from my old one. Just got my meds all ready for the week and have my check in e-mail ready just need to copy it from the word document then paste it to an e-mail draft to send. Also bought some more sinus medicine at Wal-Mart when I got off work at the same time I bought my new mouse.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Feeling a little better but still not well enough to go workout so hope to be better by Monday so I can get my workouts in next week Scale is down 0.5# from Monday so at least I didn't gain with just 1 workout this week.  Won't know til tomorrow late morning/early afternoon what my work schedule is for next week so I can plan my workouts. Will put the last 2 workouts into templates tomorrow and will print them all tomorrow afternoon as well.  In a while going to go and lay down again and play on my I pad.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Monday is the last time that I'll cover for someone at work since no one could bother to cover for me today so I could have my second day off this week. Came down with a sinus cold last night and woke up with a stuffy ear but still going to work this afternoon anyways.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Still don't know if I have to work tomorrow or not my manager called the guy to see if he could cover but as of 5PM didn't get a call back yet as she had to leave a message. If I don't hear anything from her by 9:30PM then I'll plan on working 12:45-8PM tomorrow and have had only 1 day off. Coming down with a sinus cold so took some medicine and might take the rest of the week off from the gym. Watching Hairspray Live on NBC since I've never seen it at all before.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Bought some ink for my printer this afternoon but haven't printed out my workouts yet and haven't gotten the other 2 templates created yet. Burned 402 calories this afternoon and not sure about Thursday yet but will find out tomorrow afternoon before I leave at 5PM.  Reached 10K steps already and will have 11K or so before bedtime. Downloaded the XM app for my phone and listened to it while working out this afternoon and now listening to the NASCAR station waiting for the show that Kenny Wallace is on.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Got my new stuff earlier this evening and so far have 2 of 4 templates made and will create the others tomorrow evening. Unless I decide here in a little while to open the site again and finish the templates. Can't print them since I'm out of ink so will do that tomorrow when I get off will get more ink and print when I get home. Will skip 1 Cardio day this week and do Chest/Triceps/Shoulders tomorrow and then on Thursday Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps then Friday will be Cardio only. Missed so much of The Voice tonight that I'm going to skip this week of voting and vote next week.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Listening to my reactivated XM radio and listening to the NASCAR channel for a little while then will decide on something else. Have to listen tomorrow evening to Kenny Wallace on his show. Watching Chiefs Falcons on TV. Been thinking for a while about reactivating my XM account so did it this morning. Waiting for my new stuff so I can get the templates on created for December.  With 1 day left to weigh in I'm down 2# for the week and body fat is down 0.2% also for the week. I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago before Thanksgiving and before my monthly visitor came earlier this past week. Working on my second 24oz of water today with Arizona Green Tea liquid mix in it then will get Immuni-C and put a packet in my water. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Got home from work around 11:30 then changed clothes and took a nap for almost 2 hours but still tired so as soon as I publish this I'll go lay down for a little while longer.  Off tomorrow and Monday so should be able to write a lot more. Down 0.6# from Monday with still another day to go and watch before weigh in on Monday. Already posted to Fat Secret website and Biggest Loser Club and have my check in e-mail ready to send all but food journal which isn't completed yet. Put the link to this blog in the e-mail so if he wants to Christian can check on my daily thought process. Will get in 4 days of workouts this week starting with Cardio on Monday then Chest/Shoulders/Triceps on Tuesday, Quads/Hamstrings on Wed, and Back/Biceps on Friday late morning. The previous line is subject to change depending on what my new workouts for the month of Dec are titled.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Got my Cardio workout in this late morning/early afternoon. Let my A300 charge completely and it took a little over an hour to do so. Thought for a little bit that I'd get a low battery message but never did so charged it anyways since it was really low. Won't know my work schedule until sometime tomorrow late morning/early afternoon so then I can plan my workout schedule then and hope to have my new month's workouts this weekend to start on it next week.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Rest day today unplanned until last Saturday after I saw my work schedule. No time before as I have to be there by 11:30AM and don't get off until 8PM.  Scale up 0.5# but body fat is down 0.1% so need to watch my sweets today and I'm sure my monthly visitor is coming so that might be cause as well for the gain.  Tomorrow is Cardio only day then the weekend off from the gym and will plan next week's workouts Saturday afternoon sometime.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Been 3 weeks today since I wrote last but decided that maybe if I put the site into my most used folder and can't close it out til I write that maybe I'll write more often. This morning on the way home from the gym I decided to set a goal for the rest of this training month to get my diet right and workouts on point to by next summer look like I could step on stage and compete. I think when I was in TOPS my goal at first was to reach KOPS then when I decided to not become one again I lost my focus on a goal so today decided to set that one and will e-mail Christian shortly to see what he thinks of the idea if  I could pull it off by mid June which is going to be my 2 year trainiversary. I started training with him mid June of 2014 so would like to reach that goal by then of getting my diet right and workouts great to look like I could step on stage and compete which I probably never will but would like to look like I could. Today I did Nov Back/Biceps and since I had a headache I did 20 min on the spin bike instead of the elliptical. Waiting for my new stuff but will do Cardio on Friday late morning/early afternoon. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Didn't realize that it's been well over a month since I've been here. So much has happened starting with being finished with TOPS on October 5th since we went to Colorado on Oct 11th. Kinda miss TOPS but kinda don't for the fact that if I need to I can change up my workout days and do Chest/Shoulders/Triceps on Monday and Cardio on Tuesday if I need too which I did this week. Did Quads/Hamstrings today and tomorrow is Back/Biceps and 20 minutes of Cardio aiming to burn 200-300 calories on the machine will try the rowing machine even if the calories burned won't be accurate since there is no place to enter in my weight. So far I haven't had the success that I thought I would on my own but will still give it til January then if I need or just want to I'll rejoin TOPS but as an online member instead so I don't have to sit at the meetings that can last over an hour when we can be done in half hour by not getting off topic which happens at my now former chapter all of the time. That's one of the reason's I didn't renew and my way of thinking and there's is different now I'm OK if I have a small gain and not OK with a small loss when I think I should have a larger loss and not sweating a small gain as long as it's not over 2# then I start to worry. TOPS is a great organization but they are not OK with a small 0.2# gain and many are happy to have a small 0.2# loss on the scale where I am the opposite.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Burned 426 calories this morning doing my Monday Cardio plus the finishers 4 sets of each from my Tues/Thurs workouts. Down 1.3# on my scale and confident that I have a loss from 2 week's ago at chapter tonight. I've already reported my weigh in's to the online loops and to Christian since I started reporting my morning weigh in on Monday only effective last week. It's easier since I have counting tonight 5 evening weigh in's left. Want to skip out tonight after weighing in but won't since our new AC is coming to give the program but am getting burned out on Subway sandwiches so will come home and eat something after the meeting.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 progress photo

Taken on Sept 7th at MAC Fitness!!!


Been over a week but kept on thinking about it so decided since I have the time this morning to do so. I started taking Fiber pills and so far it's been helping. Down 0.8# from last Sunday's weigh in so should be OK for weigh in tomorrow.  Counting tomorrow I have 5 TOPS weigh in's left and if it weren't for the fact that our AC Teresa is coming to do the program I'd weigh and leave since I do have to be at work early on Tuesday. I'm not going to go to Subway with them this week as I'm getting burned out on having a Subway sandwich and chips every week for the last year and a half. Not sure I'll want to eat Subway for a while after that so plan on not joining them starting this week. For now all that was changed by my trainer in the new month is Cardio and Legs but will see after next week's weigh in if the arm workouts get changed as well. It's much easier and faster to just print my workouts than to try and put them into templates on the website. Every time I'd try and create a template after I did one or two my internet browser would freeze up on me.  I've got 6.7# to go to reach my goal of 130 so need to really focus and limit the snacking until I reach my goal then I need to maintain it. I could've very easily called my doctor and had my goal raised from 125 to 130 but I refused to do it so after talking to my trainer we've decided that my maintenance range is 125-135 but I'd like to be no lower than 130.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Been a few days since I've checked in and I let the yahoo groups weight recorders and owners know that I plan on reporting my home weigh in's starting on Monday so I never have a no weigh in for a holiday or for weather that will be nice. I was talking to one of the group owners and she's right TOPS isn't what it used to be where weigh in's started on time and we were all about losing weight and giving helpful information. I feel like I know more from the last 4 years at MAC fitness that I have the first 8 years that I belonged to TOPS before joining the gym. I'm 2.3# from getting into my healthy range and 7.3# from reaching my goal of 130. Going to try and reach it before we leave on October 11th for Colorado. Been fighting a sinus cold which is almost gone. Hard to believe another training month ends this week and a new one begins on Sunday. Plan is to write down my starting weight from Sunday then at the end of the training month on Sunday write that number down and see how much I've lost for the month. Still need to use my Nail Envy treatment today.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/6 progress photo

Going to send this photo to Christian on Monday just in case I can't take another photo on Monday.

Top photo is from April and the bottom photo is from yesterday I think I look different but not sure will let Christian take a look at the difference on Monday. Waiting for my work schedule so I know what my workout plan for next week will be if I get in 5 days of 4 workouts or 4 days of 4 workouts 3 lifting days, 1 Cardio day and the add on workout on my legs/abs day. 24oz of water down and 96oz left to go.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I have 9 TOPS weigh in's left and we have about 10 weeks before vacation and this time I won't gain when I get home since I plan on going hiking with my dad and uncle Jon. Got my new glasses yesterday probably should've had them tightened up a little more. Bought a new water bottle at wal-mart this morning and it does keep the water cold and ice in it like the sticker on it said. Filled it with ice and water over an hour ago and it's still has ice in it and the water is still cold. Need to get back in the habit of dropping by here every day or two. I lost the 2# at chapter this week that I gained last week so I'm where I was 2 weeks ago when we weighed in at Wendy's building for the final time. TOPS weigh in I have 6.2# to reach my goal of 130 and home scale I have also 6.2# to go so I should be at or close to 130 by my final TOPS meeting on October 10th.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Noticed something on Wednesday there was a girl training with Scott and her friends was just hanging out watching. If it were me I would've told my friend "I'll catch up with you after my session and a shower" Having car issues so didn't go yesterday and didn't go today want to drive as little as possible until after Molle looks at it on Saturday morning. Got my car cleaned out a little and took out my trash then when the boil order was cancelled I filled the ice cube trays and my humidifier and also changed the filter which hadn't been done for a while. Will check walgreens to see if they sell the filters I need if not then I'll have to go to wal-mart. Just checked Walgreen's site and looks like I have to go to Wal-Mart to get my replacement filters which I need to do every month or two. Put the reminder in my phone so I can remember when to change it. Need to go to Wal-Mart and buy a couple of filters in the next few days.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Burned over 800 calories total during my double workout today. Since I did arms today I'll do cardio tomorrow morning and back/biceps on Friday. If I can get into the box before anyone else I'll take a progress photo and post tomorrow.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Well I might get to go to the family BBQ after all since it was postponed due to the threat of rain. I got to thinking and as much as I love my TOPS family they do not show you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle. I can talk til I'm blue in the face about all that I have learned over the last 4 going on 5 yrs but no one would listen anyways so I know I can do this on my own and will in October. Will see how many weigh in's I have left when we weigh in on July 7th. Scale is up this morning from yesterday but I'm down 3# from last Sunday so should be OK for weigh in tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I got to thinking this morning and looking back on my TOPS membership I wasn't successful until I met Christian, Mica, Zach, Danielle, and Aaron. I started to lose the weight once I had someone there to guide my food plan and I have been successful with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I am just counting the weeks now til I am officially done with TOPS. I have 14 more weigh in's and then I'm done with TOPS. I feel better about my decision and knowing that I can do this on my own with the help of Christian and Mica plus everyone in her Facebook group which I need to post to again more.

Nail Pour

This is the nail treatment that I got done today. It's a red with sparkles. Color is Spark Plug.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Got in a great workout with my new stuff today. I burned 413 calories in a little over an hour. I plan on being 130 or less before we go on vacation which isn't until October so I have time to work it off. We weigh in this coming Monday then don't weigh the next week for the holiday at TOPS but I still weigh in for Christian so it doesn't matter to me if there is a holiday or not. I'm loving the new finishers where it just helps me burn more calories before I do Cardio.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Progress photo

This is 3 months into the new year when I decided to take photos.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Ended up buying a pen for myself and a coffee mug for my secret pal at the TOPS workshop yesterday. I'm glad that I reminded Christian of the equipment I have at MAC I can use since he is going to change up my workouts/exercises for this month. Tomorrow I'm going to take a photo and post it along with the one from the start of May/June to see what the difference is. Eager to get my new workouts and see what new exercises I get to do this month and what different equipment I get to use.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Burned 443 calories today in my Cardio/Abs workout. Tomorrow is my last TOPS area/state event and I will buy a pen or something for my secret pal so it doesn't look like something is wrong since I almost always buy something at these events the workshops and fun day's. I'll have Norma go up there with me and see if there is something that Bruce would like if not then I'll buy a pen. Plan on when I get my e-mail ready for Christian tomorrow then I'll remind him of what other equipment I have access to at the gym. I've been doing the same exercises for a year now so will see if I can get some different exercises. I think my body is getting used to these exercises I've been doing for a while now. I will remind him I have kettle bells, wall balls, medicine balls, a rope, a TRX, rings, several squat racks, and might even be able to find the ladder that we used to use for the morning class warm up.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Burned 515 calories this morning at the gym. It's amazing how 1 or 2 extra sets of exercises then 20 minutes of treadmill sprints 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Think I'll do the treadmill next month for my Cardio but not sure of what exercises that I'm going to do if it's the same as month's past or new exercises. I know I'll get my new workouts either Monday or Tuesday before Christian and Mica go on vacation for a week or two.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Been a couple of days since I've been here. I burned exactly 400 calories yesterday and today too. Saturday will be my final TOPS event both area and state. The announcement is out and now everyone at chapter knows to start thinking about someone taking over as secretary and I'll take good notes at the workshop. This way I'll type everything up and have it in the secretary's book for the next person to take over. I've got my minutes typed up and printed. Will let the new secretary decide which worksheet she wants to use. I have the old one and a newer one that I created.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I think I have the support that others who've left TOPS didn't have so they had to rejoin. I've got my yahoo group TOPS/KOPS accountability, Christian, Mica, #trainwithmica Facebook group, my family and co-workers for added support so think I'll be OK after my TOPS membership is up in October. Scale down 0.5# from yesterday and from last week I'm down 1.1# so I should be OK for weigh in's tomorrow morning and evening.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Been a few days since I was here last. On Wednesday I noticed that it felt like something was in my left eye so on Thursday after work I had my mom take a photo of it and sent it to the eye dr who called in an antibiotic prescription on Friday afternoon. I looks like either a Stye or some kind of infection I couldn't really understand Wayne as he was coaching a baseball game Thursday evening. Taking the weekend and Monday off from my workout to give the antibiotic time to work.  Need to do one more coat of Nail Envy to start a new week of treatment on my nails. My eye is red and swollen so not going anywhere today other than church then have to work 2-8 tomorrow. Home scale was down 1.1# from yesterday but still up a little from last TOPS weigh in not much just 0.5# from last chapter weigh in and the same as Monday morning of 2 weeks ago. I'm down 1.4# from last Monday morning's weigh in so I should be OK for this week's weigh in's.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Got in a great workout this morning and burned 404 calories. Plan for tomorrow is Legs/Abs and 15 minutes of Cardio on the Stair Master level 9. I need to post this on #trainwithmica Facebook group so I'm committed to doing the Stair Master instead of something else.  Just posted my plan on the remaining TOPS Facebook groups I'm in at least until October. After elections in July I will leave the officers/fieldstaff group that I started and turned over to a couple of other members.

Monday, May 30, 2016


It was pouring down rain when I got off work at 12:30 so after dinner I did Leslie Sansone's Burn Body Fat 3 Mile walk again from YouTube. Weight was up 1.4# from last week but body fat was the same this week as last week. Weight though from yesterday was up only 0.8# so that could be anything as the reason for the gain most likely it was my sodium was up a couple days last week and started this week out up yesterday but it's in check today so going to keep it that way all week. Tomorrow's plan is still Chest/Shoulders/Triceps at the gym. Not sure if I'll get there Friday or do Leslie's walking workout again since not sure if we are going out to eat dinner on Friday or not. I have an appt. at 2PM on Friday so will see if I go back over to do my Cardio or not. I'm eager to hear what Christian has to say about my weigh in and also my weekly check in which I sent the weigh in this AM and the weekly check in on Saturday evening.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Missed yesterday must have been tired after work. Home scale was up a little this morning and hope it's down just a little from last week for tomorrow's weigh in. It's down a little from last Sunday to today.  Getting at least 10K steps in for today even though I raised my steps goal to 12K but tired today so will get in 10K then call it quits for today.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Once again I burned over 400 calories 437 to be exact. Going to shoot for 5 days or workouts of 400 or more calories burned next week. Plan is to starting Monday post my morning weigh in results after emailing Christian to the #trainwithmica Facebook group. Also posting my workouts there too. Both are steps to be accountable to a group other than TOPS.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


I burned over 400 calories 4 days this week and will wrap up the week tomorrow with Cardio after work and plan on burning over 400 calories. I plan on taking good notes at the officer's training coming up in a couple weeks for the new secretary. Eager for elections so I can be done with being an officer. I'll miss the girls and Bruce of course but not eating super light on Monday before weigh in on Monday night. I won't be going this alone I'll have Christian, Mica, #trainwithmica Facebook group, and others to support me. It will surprise Beverly when I'm not at Fun Day this year. Norma will have to tell her that I've decided to not renew my membership because personally I am in a happy place and am giving myself 90 days and if I can't do it then I'll rejoin in January. Beverly will be shocked since I don't think I've missed a Fun Day in the entire time I've been a member until this one which is probably gonna be late October/early November.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Been a while but that will all change since I decided to not renew my TOPS membership when it comes up in October. Still need to find out when my last weigh in will be need to post to the officer's Facebook group. I told Norma that I won't be taking an office this year and why she of course doesn't want to see me leave but I told her that I'll give myself til the first of the year if I can't do it on my own with the help of Christian, Mica, her Facebook group, the Sassies, the JJ Sistas, and the BLC BC GG then I will rejoin in January. I find that I CAN and WILL do this on my own. Other members have the mindset this week that "OH I can eat whatever then work hard to not show a gain or a large gain for June 6th" but I have the mindset that I can't do that as I still have to weigh in on Monday for Christian.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


My printer keeps saying out of paper when I know there's paper in it so will see if I can make copies tomorrow evening at work and if not then I'll see if I can send the document to the WiFi printer in the other room. I printed out my minutes that way and will try it if needed this weekend. Even though the new member stuff isn't my job anymore I'm afraid that we will get new members and Debra won't be there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Been a few days since I wrote I need to get in the habit of writing even if it's just a few lines. I lost 1# at TOPS on Monday night and was hoping to get my TOPS stuff done tonight but need to get some ink for my printer at Wal-Mart tomorrow afternoon so the rest of the new member letters and printing of the minutes will have to wait a day. I've got 1 complete set and another that's missing 2 pages and the third of 5 missing 4 pages so will print those and the rest of the sets tomorrow evening. So far for the training month I'm down 1.5# with 4 weigh in's left so will try and be 135 or lower.  This might be the first training month where I've been down for almost all of it. Working hard to be 130 during the next training month May/June.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Been a few days after I'd been so good and written every day. I lost 1.4# at TOPS last Monday night and for the training month have lost 0.6# and body fat has gone down 0.1% so will try and improve those numbers before next Monday when I start a new training month.  I'm still shooting to get to 130# and a body fat percentage under 30%. I've got a little ways to go but think it can be done if I follow my food plan a little closer than I have been.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I lost 0.2# at TOPS last night. I decided to order a Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4 and used it for an at home walking workout. I burned 310 on the FT4 and Alta 242 so going to do a comparison tomorrow with my lifting workout. I might have burned more but didn't change my weight on my FT4 watch will do that tomorrow before I put it in the bag.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Been a couple of days since I've been here. I gained 1.6# again this week so going to watch extra good this week. Got my new workouts this morning before I left for MAC so I went ahead and put the Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout into a template that a little bit ago finished the rest of them. Taking tomorrow off since I work a mid shift and don't like going to the gym after 5PM when the little girls are there for their cheer practice/classes. Going to test out the activity mode on my Fit Bit One after it charges up to see if the calories burned are as accurate as using the Alta and writing down the calories burned before and the calories burned after then subtracting the totals. I'm curious of which is more accurate for calories burned. So far I've drank 56oz and am drinking another 28oz and have 64oz total left to drink.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Went back and checked this week my sodium was under 2300MG and my calories were over 1500 all week so hopefully I should be OK for weigh in. So far I've drank 28oz of water and am drinking another 28oz of Amino Acids. I've got 64oz of water  left to drink today so will get that done before bedtime tonight.  I've already taken my measurements and have my check in e-mail started in a word document then after dinner and before church I'll get my food log completed and put it in the e-mail so I can copy that over to an e-mail and just sent my payment now so I don't forget in the morning to do so. A little worried about weigh in cause I ate pizza for dinner yesterday and will have another slice today but as long as I take my water pill and drink all of my water I should be OK. Will watch both sodium and snacking tomorrow and should hopefully be OK for weigh in on Monday morning and Monday evening for TOPS.

Friday, April 15, 2016


It's been over a week and so much has happened. Got back from SRD and weighed in with a 1.6# gain maybe I shouldn't have eaten as many Veggie Straws as I did. Been working for a loss this week but might not get to weigh in all depending if Janet could figure out how to change the schedule to allow me to work day shift on Monday and be off before 5PM. Will find out either tonight or tomorrow then will call Sharon tomorrow afternoon if I have to miss weigh in. I hate to miss a weigh in but if I have to then I have to.  Planning on getting back in the habit of posting daily or every couple of days.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Almost all packed except for my makeup bag and lippy which won't get put in my bag until after I get home from my Back/Biceps workout. Think instead of messing with taking my workout bag in the AM I'll text and order a shake to be brought to the gym by 9:45 but no later than 10:30 or so that way I can drink it on the way home and consider it lunch not sure what flavor I'll order yet but thinking Chocolate Mint or Reece's Cheesecake. Put my medicines in a pill box to take in the morning and put a scoop of tea into the measuring spoon so I could go ahead and put my medicines and tea into my bag.  Forgot until I got home to log my minutes into the Walk Kansas site but did it when I got home. Took pictures with snap chat at the beauty shop but forgot to create a story so it didn't work. Will try again tomorrow after I fix my hair and get ready to go.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Got in a great workout this morning and have a plan for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Legs/Abs and Thursday is Back/Biceps then will decide on Friday what I'm going to do once I see what kind of equipment there is in the hotel workout room. Might as well go ahead and get my minutes typed up this afternoon then I don't have to worry about it at a later date. Thursday morning after I put my scoop of tea in my cup I'll put the bottle in my bag and after I take my meds they will go in my suitcase too. After I use my lip color then they too will go in the suitcase. Bought a new Bubba capri bottle this morning since not sure what I'd left in the other one but it's all smelly. I've logged in to My Fitness Pal for 466 days and I'll continue to use it even though the food database on the fitbit site is better now.

Monday, April 4, 2016


I started using Snap Chat today after having the app on my phone for a while. I'll see if Sharon and Rosie mind if I have my phone in the weight room to record my weigh in for a snap chat story. I'll use it when we are in Topeka. Can't wait to actually chat with some friends on Snap Chat. I know that Mica and Christian are on there but hope to chat with one of them to get the hang of it truly. Home scale was down this morning so think I'm going to be OK for tonight's weigh in.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Today is day 6 of no sweets or snacks. Home scale was back down this morning so think I should be OK for tomorrow morning's weigh in and tomorrow evening's. Will try and nail down a time of when we are leaving on Thursday for SRD in Topeka. I've got everything ready and will decide if I'm going to do a 2 hour workout on Wed afternoon or get in a workout on Thursday morning after I find out what time we are leaving. Looking forward to sending Christian an e-mail with my weigh in's that I've lost the 0.6# that I gained last Monday night.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Been a couple of days but have been busy and had early mornings. I'm on vacation for the week and will get in a few workouts. Home scale was up a little today but my sodium was out of range a couple days this week just hope for a loss tomorrow morning and on Monday for weigh in's. I'm on day 5 of no sweets or snacking even though I did have a few pretzels as I was coming down with a slight headache and needed to eat something. I've got the e-mail ready to send to Christian in the morning. Bought a new mouse but went back to the old one after having problems with my internet browser which went away when I switched back to my Logitech mouse.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So far this week I've kept my sodium in range and calories above 1500 so think I should be OK for weigh in. I lost a little from  yesterday and even Monday's weigh in's. As of 3:48PM I've reached my steps goal of 250 steps 7 out of 10 hours. Will reach my goal of 250 plus steps all 10 hours today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I gained 0.6# at chapter last night think I know why my sodium was over 2300MG and my calories were under 1500 so this week I'm working towards having my calories over 1500 and my sodium under 2300MG. I think I've figured out that I gain if my sodium is high and my calories are low but if my sodium is low and my calories up then I lose. I also need to watch my sweets this week and I should have a nice loss this coming week. As of 4:15PM I've reached my steps goal 8 of 10 hours with 2 more left to go. Think I'll turn it off when we go to SRD in Topeka cause I won't be getting that many steps in most of the time but sitting a lot.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Been a few days but just got busy and forgot to post. Home scale this week was as low as 134.9 and as high as 137.9 so hoping for a lower number tomorrow morning. Will watch and be careful tomorrow since I have weigh in on Monday. Plan on drinking lots of water to avoid any water weight gain from sodium. Got my weekly check in ready just haven't hit send yet will wait a little bit longer. I'll hit my goal of 250 plus steps for 10 hours today I've already gotten in 8 hours with 2 more to go. Didn't reach it the last 2 days due to sitting in church for an hour each night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Got my new workouts last night but was too tired and not feeling good so didn't get them from my iPad to my phone until this morning. Didn't get the templates created until tonight so I did last month's with the change in reps but now the new templates are created so I can do Legs/Abs tomorrow after we get back from Joplin. Still loving my new Alta since I got it I've only not reached my hourly goal 3 days. My weight has gone down and now I'm 5.1# from my goal of 130. Hoping to be there before SRD but if not then as close as I can since I'm 6# on the chapter scale from reaching 130 with 2 weigh in's left so will try and lose a little over 1# each week to get into my maintenance range.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Didn't reach  my goal of 10 hours yesterday because of the hour I sat in church last night. I'm on hour 9 of 10 now so should have that plus my 15K steps too. I lost 1.6# from last month and will see what the scale says tomorrow both in the AM and in the evening. Eager to see what new things Christian has in store for me this month. Plan for tomorrow afternoon is to do Monday Cardio from March while I wait for the new stuff to be finished and sent to me.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Still loving my new Alta. 7 of 10 hours down and 3 more to go. Already reached my steps goal and adding more to it. Posted photos of myself wearing Red Candy with Plum Pretty, Precious Topaz, by itself and Nutmeg on Instagram to see which I like better to wear for SRD. Sent my weekly check in and measurements to Christian this afternoon after dinner so I don't forget to do it tomorrow morning or when I get home from work. Also got the payment sent this morning so I don't forget tomorrow. Another training month came to an end and I've been training with him since June of 2015. Haven't lost much but have learned so much that this month for April I'll be more diligent with my diet and crush my workouts to have a big loss at the end of this 4 weeks.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Loving my new Fit Bit Alta still and the reminders to move I was worried but today I made my hourly goal for the entire 9 hours that I was at work today and I reached hour 10 when I got home. I raised my steps goal to 15K from 12K yesterday and I'm 5,157 steps from reaching my goal. I got my TOPS minutes typed up tonight so I wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow since I had some quarters to put in my TOPS stuff anyways.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Loving my new Alta and the text notifications. It buzzes to let me know I have a text. I also set up the calendar alert too but haven't had anything on my calendar to test it out but will tomorrow with work.  So far I'm 1 hour away from having my goal of 10 hours of 250 or more steps.  I might need the reminder tomorrow for most of my work shift but will try to walk around when not busy at the register.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Got my Alta all set up within an hour and a half or so. Can't wait to use it tomorrow for my workouts. Got my Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout in this afternoon and will do Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps in the morning to make up for not going yesterday. Watching 2 Fast 2 Furious and will watch Tokyo Drift since I haven't seen that one yet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Been a few days and my Alta is on schedule and should be here tomorrow when I get home from work and my gym workout. I get off at 6PM tonight and that's a little too late for me to workout then eat dinner so will do Chest/Shoulders/Triceps tomorrow then on Thursday Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps. Plan changed for Friday I work 9:45-5:30 instead of 1:30-5:30 so going to skip my Cardio workout for this week. I'll do all 3 machines in the 3 workouts tomorrow and Thursday. Still waiting eagerly for it to get here I'll open it and put it on the charge before I sit down to eat in hopes of not having to let mine charge overnight.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


My Fit Bit Alta will be here on Wednesday of next week. Got in my workout today and plan is Cardio for tomorrow. Watching American Idol but won't vote until they sing their individual songs after the duets. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Got in a great double workout this afternoon. The fit bit Alta was released today and not sure when mine will ship out. Getting caught up on The Voice before tonight's episode.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Missed a couple of days it was crazy on Friday then busy and early Saturday then Sunday just forgot and yesterday too. I lost 1.2# at TOPS last night and am 6.6# from getting where I want to be at 130#. I have 4 weigh in's left to get there so should have no problems with that. Getting excited as my new Alta should be released and shipped out starting tomorrow so will get it by my birthday. To get used to the clasp I am charging my Charge then will set it up again and use it until the new one arrives.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Missed a couple days but did get both workouts in on Friday as the truck was delayed until the afternoon only we didn't find out until we were there for an hour. Off tomorrow so will get my Monday Cardio in and off early enough all week to get my workouts in on the scheduled day. Home scale is down 1# from last Sunday and down 1.4# from last Monday morning so have a great feeling about weigh in tomorrow.

Beginning to think I shouldn't have posted about KOPS IN Waiting which used to be in TOPS years ago and about making the KOPS leeway 5# above and 5# below goal instead of 3# above and 7# below goal.  Have gotten not many replies that support my idea most like the leeway thing the way it is and haven't gotten an answer as to why TOPS headquarters did away with KIW.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Feel good now but still don't remember stopping to get something to eat on the way home or taking my Ibuprofen but I did. Home scale was down the .6# I gained on Monday night so should be OK for Monday night I hope. Behind but trying to get in at least 10K steps today don't care if I reach my 12K steps goal but at least want 10K. I'm halfway there now so hope in the next hour or so to reach it.  Back/Biceps workout tomorrow and will see how tired I am after work if I do Cardio too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Missed one day in March already but that's OK I was tired.  Got my medicines for my root canal tomorrow on Monday evening. I was on the list to be called on Monday morning when I called so I went to get my scrips when I got off work. I'm 8.1# from reaching where I want to be and I have 5 weigh in's to try and reach 130. At chapter if I lose about 1.5# a week I will be at 130 before SRD. On my home scale I need to lose a little over 1.5# a week but since I weigh daily I should be there sooner.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Surprisingly I was down a little this morning from yesterday and from last week so think I should be OK for weigh in tomorrow. Gonna call the dentist in the morning to get the meds I need called into the pharmacy that I need for my root canal on Thursday. I will pick it up when I get back to town so as far as the TOPS girls know I work til 5PM so won't be there to help them work on the trades for SRD.  Will get off at 3PM so will get my Cardio in before weigh in tomorrow night and will make a protein shake to drink after weigh in.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I've only misses 3 days of posting this whole year so far. Planning on getting in 4 days of workouts but all 5 workouts in this week will either do legs and back/biceps on Wednesday or back/biceps and Cardio on Friday afternoon.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Thought I was better but I'm not so took a couple days off from my workouts. Hope to feel better and can get a workout in on Monday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Missed yesterday must have been really tired. Catching up on American Idol before they sing for the viewers votes tonight. I love DVR cause I can fast forward through commercials.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Got my workouts from Christian around 8PM and put all of them into templates to start tracking tomorrow with Chest/Shoulders/Triceps. I just need to try again to take a screen shot of the ones I don't have yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Feeling better but will see how I feel in the morning to decide if I go and get my Cardio in before weigh in tomorrow night. Sent everything including weight to Christian this morning and this month my weight has stayed the same. So will work harder this month on my diet to have a loss for March.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Plan is to get in 5 days of workouts this week but will all depend on how I feel and sound on Monday morning. Got everything ready to send to Christian but my weight which will be taken in the morning then the e-mail will be sent in hopes of getting my workouts late tomorrow/early Monday morning.

Friday, February 19, 2016


Missed yesterday but got my Back/Biceps workout in but wasn't feeling the best and started taking Mucinex DM.  Didn't go and get my Cardio in today wasn't feeling up to it. Hope to have a great month for March with no interruptions to my workouts since I'll do Thursday's workout on March 3rd either on Wednesday or Friday haven't decided yet. Hard to believe another training month with Christian has come and gone.  Hope for once and as of today I'll have a loss of 0.5# for the month and hoping to have a little bit more of a loss by Monday morning for the official weigh in. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Got my leg workout in today and didn't get a chance to get my support stockings today but will go tomorrow and get them after work. Going to run into the mall and go to claire's to see if they have any cute but cheap choker necklaces to wear at SRD. Might also check the cell phone booth and see what he's got for Iphone 6 and at a good price.

Tomorrow's plan is Back/Biceps after I get done running my errands. Gonna get in the shower in a bit since I have to be up at 4:30AM to be at work by 6AM. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Got in a great workout this afternoon. Tomorrows plan is legs/calves then meet the others to get our SRD costumes together. Found several good quotes for SRD trades but they call them swaps. Before my workout I have to go and get 3 more pair of support stockings in beige.

Monday, February 15, 2016


I weighed in with a .2# loss and have 2.8 to lose to get in my healthy weight range. Went to the dentist and need to have a root canal either that or get my tooth pulled. I chose the root canal and get that done in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Might or might not get my Cardio in tomorrow will all depend on what the dentist finds and does in the morning. Also will see how I feel if I drive over or not. Plan on still going to TOPS but might or might not go eat at Subway with the ladies will see how I feel.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Once again trouble with the HR so will be lucky if I get in 10K steps. I set up my Charge again and will wear it until the Alta comes out and I get it for my birthday since I asked and will get it. I'm off Monday for my dentist appointment out of town and it will all depend on how I feel if I go and get my Cardio in before weigh in. Got my e-mail ready to send to Christian first thing in the morning.

Friday, February 12, 2016


 Not sure what the problem with my HR was last night but it's back to normal now. Got in 12K steps by little after noon so the rest is just a bonus to catch up for the week. Gonna wait and maybe Sunday afternoon watch the last 2 episodes of American idol on DVR. Will delete General Hospital since don't think I'll watch them.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Tomorrow's plan is Cardio so should be less than an hour for both Cardio and abs. Watching some of American Idol but will watch tonight's and last night's episodes on DVR tomorrow evening. Had to reset my HR since it decided to delete my steps and change the time so hope this fixed it but if not then I'll e-mail customer support. Letting it charge to full battery so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. Trying to at least get in 10K steps but will make up for it tomorrow with unloading truck then my cardio machines.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Got in my double workout this morning as tomorrow will be a busy rushed day with no time. Getting ready in a little bit for church tonight. I for sure have more energy and feel better without the supplements that I'd been taking for so long.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Got in a great workout this afternoon. Plan for tomorrow is Legs/Calves and Back/Biceps since Thursday will be busy. I feel so much better without all of the supplements in my system. 

Monday, February 8, 2016


Haven't heard from Christian yet but did find some options at Walgreen's that were Pea and Soy based and the prices were good. Will see what he says after I send my weigh in's to him tonight. Last Wed we got the DVR function for our cable and I'm giving it a try tonight if I like it then I'll record the entire Biggest Loser Series and record General Hospital then I can watch today's episode later if I should miss it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Gonna revise my lent promise. I'm going to make an effort to do shout outs on all sites that I'm a part of and post to all Facebook teams. I left quite a few last night but will still post to all TOPS, NOVO, JJ's and maybe the other 2 if I have time. Most important groups are the TOPS, NOVO, and JJ's groups. Will get in my Cardio workout tomorrow. Heard from Christian and he said I didn't need any supplements other than protein and a multi-vitamin so asked about a brand of protein powder that I can get at Wal-Mart or Walgreens or if anything else if I can eat a protein bar or drink chocolate milk that I make myself using low fat milk and sugar free chocolate syrup. Haven't gotten an answer to that yet.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Missed yesterday due to being so tired after an early day at work. Got my e-mail ready for tomorrow to see what suggestions Christian has for supplements since Bear Toes is closing their doors soon. Got in my Back/Biceps workout yesterday but sacrificed my Cardio workout since I'll get it in on Monday morning. Lent is coming up so I'm giving up all unhealthy snacks and I won't bite it if I don't log it in My Fitness Pal app or website. Also for lent I will attempt to post in all of my Face Book groups that I belong to. Might leave the prayer group and the hitch fit group since right now I'm all about Altered Physique Fitness in Joplin, Missouri and not about the Hitch Fit gyms in Kansas City, KS and Overland Park, KS. Need to leave some groups since I'm in 33 groups so need to decide which groups are the most important to stay then leave the others. Will do that when I get home from church later.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Don't like the thigh high stockings so will check Walgreen's first then might have to go out to the medical supply store to get 2 pair of at the knee stockings which might be more comfortable since the thigh high ones slip when I walk and it annoyes me. With Bear Toes closing soon I might go off of supplements all but the vitamin's all together but will talk to Christian on Sunday about it. Might see if either Wal-Mart or Walgreen's has a vegan or gluten free protein that might be as good as the rice protein I'm using now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Got in a great leg workout this afternoon. Went to the doctor and she looked at my varicose veins and gave me a scrip for support stockings and I should've bought another pair.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Great Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout even though I had to improvise since the gym was packed. Tomorrows plan is Legs/Calves not sure if I will get there late morning/early afternoon or later in the afternoon. 

Monday, February 1, 2016


I gained .2# at chapter tonight and need to get my sweet tooth under control this week. Took my antibiotic after weigh in with a squeeze pouch. Waiting another hour then will get a few crackers to take the final dose of the day. Plan is to go the rest of the week without wheat grass to see how I do next weigh in.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Watching Grease Live and it is so different from the original movie. A lot of what is on the show never happened in the movie. Think I will watch the movie again then watch this online to see the differences.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Will get in 5 days of workouts this week. Almost forgot to post today but wanted to keep the streak going.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Got in a great double workout and still haven't gotten sick from this antibiotic so think this is one I can take. Should get 5 days of workouts in next week but haven't seen a final schedule yet.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Didn't get to workout this afternoon was put on antibiotic from the dentist as she found something she didn't like so going to a specialist in a couple weeks. Wanted to get 3 doses of the medicine in my system before I went to workout so will do a 2 hour workout and looks like right now I'll get my Monday LCW Cardio before weigh in but will know for sure when the new schedule is published tomorrow or Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Great workout this morning and now ready for work. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment then work around noon so won't get my Back/Biceps workout in until after 5PM. Today is day 28 of this blog and of my writing here. I won't get to see American Idol tonight but now won't watch until the live shows start so I can use my app to vote for my favorites. My scale was down 1.3# from yesterday just hope that holds for Monday night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Got my new workouts this afternoon late and created templates already so now ready to rock and roll with this month's leg day workout tomorrow. It will be nice at SRD to not have to be in the convention room early on Saturday then sit and wait for the final session to start. I won't have to wear a skirt either but will go to Cato and find a cute dressy outfit to wear that will be comfortable enough to wear home too.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Sent weigh in results both not good to Christian today now waiting for my new workouts but might do last month's chest workout tomorrow morning. Gained .4# at chapter tonight and gained .9# this morning so will work hard on my diet this week. Was kinda expecting to stay the same or a bigger gain with not getting into the gym last week due to the weather.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Wow I've blogged for 25 days now and will continue even if it's just a few lines. I'm ready for weigh in tomorrow since home scale was down a little from yesterday and hope it will be down more tomorrow morning and evening for both weigh in's. Sent week 4 check in to Christian now waiting for my new workouts unless he is waiting for weigh in results first. Might go ahead and send home scale weigh in to him in the morning then for fun the TOPS weigh in before the meeting.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Will get back to the gym on Tuesday Morning and will get there every day but Monday this week. All is weather permitting of course. Took measurements this morning and sent payment to Christian so now to send my food journal and measurements to him in the morning then wait for my new workouts.

Friday, January 22, 2016


No gym workout again today. Hoping to get there on Tuesday sometime. Hard to believe another training month with Christian is starting on Sunday. Will measure and send payment tomorrow then week 4 check in on Sunday with weigh ins on Monday.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


No gym workouts this week due to the weather but I did get in some at home workouts. Will get in plenty of lifting and Cardio tomorrow unloading the truck. Kinda figured that yahoo mail was giving Christian fits again when I didn't get a reply back quick Monday night after chapter weigh in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


No gym workout today and probably won't get there the rest of the week. Weather again tomorrow and work late on Friday. I've got 7.8# to lose to get to my comfortable weight of 130. I have 11 weigh ins before SRD but would like to lose it before then and maintain by then.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


No gym workout today due to the weather as it is sleeting and has been most of the day. Will try and get a workout in tomorrow but it will depend on the weather and the roads.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Watching The Biggest Loser and will get ready for bed here during the next weigh in's then see who goes home. Since I missed the first part of the show I'll go to Hulu tomorrow or Wednesday and watch it again. I gained 3.4# at chapter and 3.1# on my scale so will wait and see what Christian has to say to give me encouragement.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Today is day 18 of blogging since I created this one on New Year's Eve. I work til 4:30 tomorrow so will go straight to chapter and not visit long after at dinner since I'll have to be at work by 8AM on Tuesday.  Sent my weekly check in to Christian this morning and will send my morning weigh in sometime tomorrow then send him my chapter weigh in just for fun.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Work this afternoon so thought I'd post now. As of 11:17AM I have not seen the schedule published yet but will give her a little more time before waiting until I get there at 1:30 to see it. Will miss watching the Chiefs Pats game on TV but will have my phone in my back pocket to sneak a peak at CBS sports app when I can get away from the cameras but at least I won't have to worry about Janet cause she switched with Tom and opened today so Tom gets to close with me tonight. He won't care if I check the football game scores on my phone when not with a customer and there are none around.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Burned 407 calories this afternoon and now watching The Biggest Loser on Hulu. No sure how many days I will get into the gym next week. Got in there 4 days this week. Can't buy thin. was said by one of the contestants the first night.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Great Back/Biceps workout and the legs are still sore from all of those squats I did yesterday. Got called into work so didn't get to see the first half hour of American Idol tonight but getting to see the second half of the show.  Tried the copper socks today and my legs looked better but will see after work and exercising tomorrow afternoon what they look like. Might have to get another pair if they work good. Tomorrow's plan is Cardio and if I don't burn 400 calories that's OK but I will try to burn at least that on the machines.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Got in a great leg workout today and tomorrow's plan is Back/Biceps. Getting ready to watch American Idol auditions. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Got in a great Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout this morning. Tomorrows plan is Leg Day and Thursday is Back/Biceps. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


I lost .8# and am in my healthy range so next goal is 130.  Didn't get my car back in time to go workout today but will get in Chest/Shoulders/Triceps tomorrow morning.  Yesterday the home teams were 0-4 for the weekend lets hope the Chiefs can win in New England on Saturday.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Today is day 11 of blogging since I started this one. Today my calories were 1457 and carbs were 70 so did well today. Sent my week 2 check in to Christian and he said my carbs were good but needed to get the calories up this week.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Just finished watching the first Wild Card game and if the Cincy wins we go to Denver but if the Steelers win we go to New England next week.  The Chiefs won 30-0 so I'd say Houston has a problem and they are the Chiefs and Royals. All we ended up with today is a dusting that didn't last long but it's bitterly cold. Will find out where KC goes next weekend at the end of this game just starting now. This is day 10 of blogging since I started this on New Year's Eve. Gonna keep this streak going for the rest of the year. I have my week 2 check in ready to send to Christian first thing in the morning and will send my Morning weigh in to him on Monday and  just for fun my TOPS weigh in as well.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Almost forgot to drop in today. Got in a great double workout this morning. Rain/snow mix coming in overnight so glad I am off this weekend and Monday too.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Watching American Idol auditions night 2 for a few more minutes then will switch over to TLC for Extreme Weightloss. Wanted to watch the new show My diet is better than yours but went on Instagram and saw a post from Chris Powell that their show will re-air on TLC and OWN starting tonight. 

Plan for tomorrow weather permitting is Back/Biceps and Cardio.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Could've went to the gym today but decided to do an at home leg workout of 30 air squats, 30 front lunges, 30 back lunges and 30 calf raises 4 sets of them.

Since I got my LipSense gloss and color 2 weeks ago I haven't used chap stick or anything but the gloss on my lips on my days off and over night. Hoping to get either the lip balm or another gloss tomorrow when I go to the beauty shop to see Debbie. Using my nail strengthener again until closer to time for SRD then will paint my nails before we go to Topeka. Plan on getting into the gym tomorrow after I get done with my wax and hair cut and after dinner. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Almost forgot to stop in today. Got in a great workout this morning and now ready for bed. Tomorrow weather permitting will be Leg day at the gum but weather not permitting then will do an at home leg workout.

Monday, January 4, 2016


I lost 2# at chapter tonight and am .2# from reaching 135. Watching The Buggest Loser and money can't buy thin. I'm so glad no one took the first temptation in a season of temptations. Love seeing more of trainer Bob as new host.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Got my schedule yesterday before 1PM so I know I can get in 5 days of workouts this week starting with Monday Cardio after I get off work at noon tomorrow. I get to unload truck first then help put stock out til noon. Ready for weigh in tomorrow to see how much I've lost since last chapter weigh in which was Dec 21st.  Almost forgot to post then decided to do real quick while watching the end of the Dallas VS Washington game and waiting for the Chiefs and Raiders game to start.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hard to believe it's 2016 already. I've decided again this year instead of setting a New Year's Resolution I'm getting a goal for 2016 to get into my healthy weight range and maintain it all while reducing my body fat percentage into the 20's. 

Waiting for the work schedule to be published but if I don't see it by noon or 1PM then I'll call over and let Janet know so she can go back in and publish it. Since Daron is off this weekend and Tom doesn't know how to do it and neither does Myla and she's off today. From what I saw last night I'll get in 5 days of workouts this week including my Monday LCW cardio.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

I burned 411 calories doing cardio this morning and have eaten 544 calories so having a pretty good day so far. Getting ready for work in a little while. I am so close to my healthy weight range just 1 tenth of a pound away. Hoping that holds and I have a great weigh in on Monday night. No matter what I should have a loss this week just hope it's a big one after the Christmas Holiday.  Not sure as of yet what my workout schedule will be since don't know what I work other than I'm off Friday and Saturday for floating holidays.