Saturday, April 16, 2016


Went back and checked this week my sodium was under 2300MG and my calories were over 1500 all week so hopefully I should be OK for weigh in. So far I've drank 28oz of water and am drinking another 28oz of Amino Acids. I've got 64oz of water  left to drink today so will get that done before bedtime tonight.  I've already taken my measurements and have my check in e-mail started in a word document then after dinner and before church I'll get my food log completed and put it in the e-mail so I can copy that over to an e-mail and just sent my payment now so I don't forget in the morning to do so. A little worried about weigh in cause I ate pizza for dinner yesterday and will have another slice today but as long as I take my water pill and drink all of my water I should be OK. Will watch both sodium and snacking tomorrow and should hopefully be OK for weigh in on Monday morning and Monday evening for TOPS.

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