Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Got in a great workout this morning and have a plan for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Legs/Abs and Thursday is Back/Biceps then will decide on Friday what I'm going to do once I see what kind of equipment there is in the hotel workout room. Might as well go ahead and get my minutes typed up this afternoon then I don't have to worry about it at a later date. Thursday morning after I put my scoop of tea in my cup I'll put the bottle in my bag and after I take my meds they will go in my suitcase too. After I use my lip color then they too will go in the suitcase. Bought a new Bubba capri bottle this morning since not sure what I'd left in the other one but it's all smelly. I've logged in to My Fitness Pal for 466 days and I'll continue to use it even though the food database on the fitbit site is better now.

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