Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Almost all packed except for my makeup bag and lippy which won't get put in my bag until after I get home from my Back/Biceps workout. Think instead of messing with taking my workout bag in the AM I'll text and order a shake to be brought to the gym by 9:45 but no later than 10:30 or so that way I can drink it on the way home and consider it lunch not sure what flavor I'll order yet but thinking Chocolate Mint or Reece's Cheesecake. Put my medicines in a pill box to take in the morning and put a scoop of tea into the measuring spoon so I could go ahead and put my medicines and tea into my bag.  Forgot until I got home to log my minutes into the Walk Kansas site but did it when I got home. Took pictures with snap chat at the beauty shop but forgot to create a story so it didn't work. Will try again tomorrow after I fix my hair and get ready to go.

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