Tuesday, January 31, 2017


62 days in a row of writing daily. Scale down 0.9# for the week and 1# for the month. Great Chest/Triceps workout today and burned over 400 calories. Tomorrow's workout is Legs/Abs and use the great ab/stretch area that was just created last week. Seth moved the treadmill out that didn't work and then moved all of the cardio equipment into 1 area with the 4 treadmills all in a row then the bikes,ellipticals and stair master in another row with room for stretching and abs where you won't be in the way by trying to do them in the back.  96oz of water down and 24oz more to go drinking that now. I drank 48oz of water before I went to workout then got number 3 while there then number 4 when I got home and drinking number 5 now. I drink 5 24oz bottles of water every day or try too at least. Back is feeling better but just to be sure that I didn't overdo it by lifting my usual amount I used Tiger Balm before and Icy Hot after my workout.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Day 61 of writing daily. Scale down 0.1# from last week and for the month as well. Took my car to get serviced and will go get my Cardio workout in after I get my car back. I was right about what I thought the Linear Shoulder Raises are so I get to use a machine I haven't used in a while.  24oz of water down and 96oz of water left to go. Gonna finish this one I've got filled before I go and workout so I can make Amino Acids to drink during my workout. Eager to start my new strength workouts tomorrow after my dentist appointment.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Day 60 of writing on a daily basis. Scale is down 1.6# from yesterday and just up 0.2# for the week and month. Shortly I'll get my workout templates created to make it easier to track my workouts. Think I might mix up my workouts a bit and do Cardio in the middle of the week but haven't decided yet. 24oz of water down and 96oz left to go to reach my daily water goal for today. Snacking should be easier the next 4 days as long as I don't stop anywhere tomorrow, Tuesday or Wed before or after my workouts. I'm home so won't be tempted to buy something I don't need but just want cause I'm hungry. As of 10:22AM I have 2 workout templates created and have Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps/Shoulders left to create and then all workout templates for Jan/Feb are created and ready to go for tomorrow as soon as I get my car back from being serviced.  Almost have all 4 templates created but not sure of one exercise so sent Christian an e-mail and waiting for a reply before finishing Back/Biceps/Shoulders template. Went ahead and finished my template and will wait and see what he says but think I'm right on the one exercise. All 4 templates created before noon so now ready to go tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


59 days in a row of writing now. Got my stuff on Thursday evening but have been too tired to get the templates created but will do that tomorrow sometime after laundry is done. Check in e-mail sent and eager to see what the scale says after I've been better with  my sweets and snacking today. Hope to be down even a little on Monday for the week and month.  Getting ready shortly for church then I'm off for 4 whole days so will get my workouts in and if I want I can go on Friday after 4PM to get my Cardio in but will think about it.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Day 58 of writing saw the schedule for next week and I'm off 4 days and work 3 days. Plan is to get in 4 days of workouts and mix it up just not sure how I'll do it yet. Scale holding steady from yesterday but up 1.1# for the week and month.  Body fat is the same for the week and down 0.1% from yesterday.  Charged my A300 up after tracking an activity today in an hour and 55 min I burned 255 calories unloading 2 trucks this morning.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


57 days in a row that I've written. Not sure of my workout schedule past Tuesday since I won't know my work schedule until Saturday afternoon. My back is feeling a lot better but will wear my back brace and take my Tiger Balm with me to work for unloading the trucks.  Got my new workouts this afternoon and had the energy to print them out but not get the templates created yet but will get that done this weekend. Had labs drawn yesterday and everything came back good but my white counts were a bit low so drinking more water and stopped taking the water pills which I started taking on my own and not by doctor's orders.  Working on my final 24oz of water for today and will rinse out my water bottle and put my ice cubes back into the freezer once this bottle is finished. Watching a fairly new show called Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian on E! I've watched the whole season so far and love it so inspiring as long as the participants are faithful with their workouts and diets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


56 days in a row and restarting my no sweets as of today and so far so good but I haven't been to work yet. Still no new stuff from Christian yet but should have it sometime hopefully later today. Leaving in about an hour for work since I have to run up town and get my medicine since I forgot when I was out earlier to get lab work done. Back is feeling better but going to continue to use Tiger Balm and even see if the pharmacy has it in the tube form. 24oz of water down and 96oz left to go. I still need to get my bodybuilding.com site up and going later so I can get my workouts put into templates as soon as I get them so I can start tracking next week. Scale is back up .8# for the week I'm back to what I was on Monday so no gain or loss for the week so far or for the month.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


55 days in a row and only made it 1 day on no sweets since I had a small piece of cake for a friend who is moving to California long enough to get her mom straightened out on her meds then talk mom into moving back here and into a nice retirement community down the street from her house. Sent Christian an e-mail to check on my new workouts and to tell him about Lorissa's Kitchen products that I saw on The New Celebrity Apprentice and bought some at Walgreen's this morning.  Scale is down 0.8# for the week and month with body fat the same as yesterday and also for the month. 96oz of water down and 24oz more to go to reach my goal and I'll get a refill in a few since I've almost got this bottle finished. Listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast from Jan 9th and will listen to all of them before moving on to the Bodybuilding.com podcasts.

Monday, January 23, 2017


54 days in a row of blogging. Today is day 1 of no sweets and so far so good.  Scale up 0.5# for the week but down 0.6# for the month so starting a new training month at 139.8#. Hope to get my new stuff later this afternoon/early this evening so I can get my templates created.  Haven't updated my weight or body fat on the bodybuilding app for a while so will do that now. Updated my weight and body fat on the site now. Back was feeling better this morning then think I over did it with my cardio today so will take it easy tomorrow. After my workout and shower I used Icy Hot on my back. Before my workout I used Tiger Balm couldn't find the tube of it anywhere I looked so use the jar for now. 72oz of water in me and working on another 24oz then will get the final 24oz of the day to get in 120oz of water. In the event I don't have my new stuff by 9AM tomorrow I'll do last month's leg/abs workout and create templates tomorrow if I don't get the new stuff tomorrow to get it done then.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


22 days in a row for 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Back feeling a whole lot better but will get some Tiger Balm in the tube since what I have is in a jar and a little harder to get out to put on fast. Scale is up 1.5# for the week and only up 0.3# for the month so that's a lot better but want to have a loss so hope the few chips I ate this afternoon didn't cause a gain. I've drank 72oz of water already and drinking another 24oz now. Body fat however is down 0.1% for the week but the same for the month. Eager to see what Christian has planned for me this month. Going to lift light again this week then next week ease my way back to lifting 15# and 20# weights again.  Day 53 of blogging thought it might be easier to say that than the day in a row for 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Might do last month's Chest workout if I don't have anything new by 9AM tomorrow.  I'm 1,843 steps from reaching 10K for the day so will get that and maybe a little more before laying down and watching the football game.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


21 days in a row and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale is up 1.8# for the week and up 0.6# for the month so have to stay focused and not snack the rest of today and tomorrow to have a good loss or any kind of loss for the month and week. As of noon still no schedule for next week so don't know what time I go in tomorrow. Back is feeling better but using an Icy Hot patch this afternoon and using Tiger Balm before work and even if needed at work and before my workouts. Can't plan my workouts until I see the work schedule which hasn't come yet. If I don't see it by 3PM then I'll call so at least I know when I work tomorrow. Looks like I'll just get to workout Mon, Tue, and Wed since Thurs and Fri I work til 5PM and I don't like to go workout after 5. Going to wait until my back is healed before trying the morning class at the gym.

Friday, January 20, 2017


20 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Back feeling a little better used Tiger Balm all day then put on Icy Hot when I got home since there is no since in wasting a patch for a few hours. As soon as the towels are dry I'll get a shower and be in bed by 9PM. I'd planned on getting in the shower around 6PM but the towels were washed just not thrown in the dryer until a little bit ago. Got my Back/Biceps workout in just used lighter weights.  Won't know til sometime tomorrow my work schedule for next week so I can plan my workout schedule and will see how sore I am if I do heavier weights or not.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


19 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Back was feeling better until I was stretching and then felt a twinge so decided to do the bike instead of the elliptical like planned. Plan for tomorrow is after work Back/Biceps using lighter weights than normal. Bought Tiger Balm and will use it for when I work and workout and continue using Icy Hot patches for when I'm off like today.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


18 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Got my gym workout in this morning but took it easy when it came to the weights. Used 10# weights instead of my usual 15# weights. Bought some Icy Hot patches and no mess applicator but will get some Tiger Balm tomorrow at Walgreen's since that's what the guys in the gym use. Tomorrow I'll do Legs/Abs and go light on the weights.  Not sure if I like the Icy Hot applicator or not when I use the patches it's cold but this is hot almost like my back in on fire.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


17 days for 2017 and every day since Dec 1 2016. Back feeling a little better but will get more pain patches or even check on the icy hot patches too. Taking the back brace to put on after this loses effectiveness.  No gym workout today but plan on walking in place while watching TV later today.

Monday, January 16, 2017


16 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1st 2016. Scale down 0.4# for the week and 1.1# for the month. Got in an hour of walking during the fourth hour of Today. Started out at 1132 steps and ended with 8388 so I took 7267 steps in an hour. Went from 5% daily activity goal to 57% in that hours time.  Shortly need to charge my A300 to full battery will do that shortly then fold laundry while it's charging. Charging my A300 for an hour and half or so to get a full battery. Burned 242 calories in an hour this morning and will try and walk in place for an hour every day this week regardless if I get to the gym or not.  Laundry folded and A300 is closer to being charged to 100% then will work to get the rest of my steps in for the day.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


15 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale down 0.7# for the week and 1.4# for the month so far with one week left in the training month. Weather and road conditions will dictate if I go to the gym tomorrow or if I just walk in place watching TV like I did on Friday. Rest of the week is still a go for my workouts but will lift lighter than normal until my back feels better. Wearing a heat pain patch but it's almost too cool so will put on my cooper care back brace before I leave for work. I've never been so glad to miss a truck day than I am to be off tomorrow to let my back rest and I won't be lifting anything heavy on Friday for that truck. Gonna try and not drop anything that I have to bend over to pick up since my back hurts to bend over.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


14 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale down 1.9# for the week and 2.6# for the month. Won't know for another few hours what my work schedule for next week will be so I can plan my workouts. Think I'll go easy this week since think I tweaked or pulled something in my lower back on Thursday during I think dead lifts. Going to see after a couple more days how my back feels if I call the doctor or not. Plan if I can to get into the box on Mon and use my foam roller to roll out my back. Started my check in e-mail to Christian and will finish it and send it after I get home from work later.

Friday, January 13, 2017


13 days for 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Started out at 2,084 steps at noon and walked in place for The Chew and now I'm at 9,730 steps so got 7,646 in an hour's time. Was at 9% daily activity goal then and now at 51% so need about 4 and a half hours up left to reach 100% daily activity goal for the day. Need to take a photo shortly and post to Facebook and Twitter via Instagram. Scale down 1.2# for the week and down 1.9# for the month so still on the right track even if it was up 1.2# from yesterday but it should be down tomorrow.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


12 days in a row for 2017 and every day since Dec 1st 2016. Got in a great Back/Biceps workout using the proper form that Logan and Melynn demonstrated on Facebook Live yesterday afternoon. Will see what my schedule looks like for next week and if I'm off on Mon, Wed, or Fri I'll take Scott's morning class but if not then I'll wait until I'm off one of those days to drop in on the class.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


11 days in a row and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Got in a great Leg workout this morning and burned 625 calories. Listened and watched 24 Hr elite Facebook Live this time with Logan and Melynn trainers for APF and learned the proper way to use the lat pull machine which I'll use tomorrow and proper form techniques which will also be applied with tomorrow's workout. Scale down 1.7# for the week and 2.4# for the month so thinking that I can do it on my own and not going to rejoin TOPS doing the online program.96oz of water almost gone then just have 24oz more to drink to reach my goal of 120oz of water for the day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


10 days in a row for 2017 and every day since December 1, 2016. Scale down 0.5# for the day and down 1.2# for the month so far. Got in my Chest/Triceps/Shoulders workout and tested out my new headphones with the smith machine bar and I think it will be OK for my squats and reverse lunges to not have the bar and my headphones digging into the back of my neck. Almost at 12K for the day so going to charge my A300 and miss the steps when I take the dog out the next couple of times.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Awesome Cardio/Abs workout this morning I burned 559 calories. Scale is up 0.1# for the week but down 0.7# for the month so at least I'm going in the right direction. Not worried about the small gain could be not drinking enough water yesterday. 9 days in a row and every day since Dec 1st.  Reached my daily activity goal by just after 10AM. Now to get 10K steps for the day I'm at 3,519 now but should get to 10K or more by the end of the day.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


8 days in a row and every day since December 1st. Scale still up 0.4# for the week but is down 0.4# for the month. Worked today, off tomorrow, work 8-2 on Tuesday then off til Saturday at 2PM when I work til 7:30. With this schedule this week I have no excuses to get into the gym unless the chance of snow we are supposed to get Saturday comes earlier in the week.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


7 Days in a row now and still every day since the first of December. Scale was the same yesterday and up 0.4# for the week and down 0.4# for the month so far. Plan is to get in 5 days of workouts but if something happens then I'll get in either all arms on Wed and move legs back to Thursday or do legs on Wed and all arms on Thursday. Either way I'll get in all 3 of my strength workouts and both Cardio days. 

Friday, January 6, 2017


6 days in a row writing and every day since Dec 1st. Got my Back/Biceps workout in today since I didn't get to the gym yesterday. Over on sodium for the first time in a few weeks just hope I don't have a gain tomorrow. Not sure of my work schedule for next week so can't plan my workouts until tomorrow afternoon.  I already have 12K steps and it's not even 4PM yet.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Written 5 days for 2017 counting today and every day since Dec 1st. No gym workout today since it snowed last night and the roads haven't been treated. Will get in either a walking video on YouTube or a circuit workout from the new Jillian app which finally was launched and I downloaded this morning. Still can't log into the old site and have an e-mail out to customer support on that one. Would be nice to access the message boards to see if an admin replied to my post from a couple days ago. Last time I was able to log in was on Tuesday afternoon ( I think). Going to walk in place for the entire 4th hour of today and will log it as a workout just walking without the heart rate strap.

Scale the same as yesterday so still down 1.4# for the month and down 0.6# for the week. Body fat is up 0.5% for the week and down 0.1% for the month so far with 2 more weeks left to go so need the rest of this week and the next 2 weeks to be better than the first week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Great workout this morning I burned 620 calories in an hour and 35 minutes. Reached my daily activity goal before 11AM. Now to get 10K steps at least today which shouldn't be too hard. Still trying to log into the old Jillian Michaels website but can't and the new one still wants me to sign up which I already have and the app was supposed to be out on Monday but was delayed until late yesterday evening/early today but still nothing. Getting frustrated that I'm paying for something that I haven't gotten to use yet and paying for something I can't get access too.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Third day in a row this year and have written for 34 days so far since I put the site into my most used bookmarks. Used my Nail Envy treatment 3 coats today and 1 coat each day until next Tuesday. Got my Chest/Triceps/Shoulders workout in today and tomorrow is legs/abs and cardio.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Down 0.8# for the week and month so far. Got a great Cardio workout burned 507 calories this afternoon. Was supposed to get off at 11AM but ended up staying til 1PM but still got my workout in. Plan still is to get in all 5 days of workouts this week. Started off great and will do Shoulders/Triceps/Chest and Cardio tomorrow late morning/early afternoon. Headed for a shower and then to watch The New Celebrity Apprentice with the new boss before heading to bed early to be up at 3:30AM again tomorrow morning. Want to use the newer bedtime feature on my phone but I can't since I get up at different times each day. Day 2 of writing for 2017 and I've written for 33 days straight so far now to keep this up for the next 363 days for 2017. Still trying to decide if I want to join TOPS online or not will see how I do around Jan 23rd and if I'm not down 5# like planned for this month then I might join TOPS online.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Worked til 6PM and came home with enough time to eat something other than toast for dinner had scalloped potatoes. Sent Christian my blog link again so he can check it out and comment if he wants on one of the posts. Down 1# for the week and month so far but up 1.4# from yesterday at weigh in this morning. Official weigh in is tomorrow morning then work 5AM-11AM and Monday Cardio after that. Laundry all done this morning but not folded all of it yet and none of it put away yet. If I would've gotten my workout clothes packed for tomorrow this morning before work then I would've left my bag in the building so I don't have to take it with me in the morning so early.