Monday, January 2, 2017


Down 0.8# for the week and month so far. Got a great Cardio workout burned 507 calories this afternoon. Was supposed to get off at 11AM but ended up staying til 1PM but still got my workout in. Plan still is to get in all 5 days of workouts this week. Started off great and will do Shoulders/Triceps/Chest and Cardio tomorrow late morning/early afternoon. Headed for a shower and then to watch The New Celebrity Apprentice with the new boss before heading to bed early to be up at 3:30AM again tomorrow morning. Want to use the newer bedtime feature on my phone but I can't since I get up at different times each day. Day 2 of writing for 2017 and I've written for 33 days straight so far now to keep this up for the next 363 days for 2017. Still trying to decide if I want to join TOPS online or not will see how I do around Jan 23rd and if I'm not down 5# like planned for this month then I might join TOPS online.

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