Monday, January 16, 2017


16 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1st 2016. Scale down 0.4# for the week and 1.1# for the month. Got in an hour of walking during the fourth hour of Today. Started out at 1132 steps and ended with 8388 so I took 7267 steps in an hour. Went from 5% daily activity goal to 57% in that hours time.  Shortly need to charge my A300 to full battery will do that shortly then fold laundry while it's charging. Charging my A300 for an hour and half or so to get a full battery. Burned 242 calories in an hour this morning and will try and walk in place for an hour every day this week regardless if I get to the gym or not.  Laundry folded and A300 is closer to being charged to 100% then will work to get the rest of my steps in for the day.

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