Monday, January 23, 2017


54 days in a row of blogging. Today is day 1 of no sweets and so far so good.  Scale up 0.5# for the week but down 0.6# for the month so starting a new training month at 139.8#. Hope to get my new stuff later this afternoon/early this evening so I can get my templates created.  Haven't updated my weight or body fat on the bodybuilding app for a while so will do that now. Updated my weight and body fat on the site now. Back was feeling better this morning then think I over did it with my cardio today so will take it easy tomorrow. After my workout and shower I used Icy Hot on my back. Before my workout I used Tiger Balm couldn't find the tube of it anywhere I looked so use the jar for now. 72oz of water in me and working on another 24oz then will get the final 24oz of the day to get in 120oz of water. In the event I don't have my new stuff by 9AM tomorrow I'll do last month's leg/abs workout and create templates tomorrow if I don't get the new stuff tomorrow to get it done then.

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