Tuesday, January 24, 2017


55 days in a row and only made it 1 day on no sweets since I had a small piece of cake for a friend who is moving to California long enough to get her mom straightened out on her meds then talk mom into moving back here and into a nice retirement community down the street from her house. Sent Christian an e-mail to check on my new workouts and to tell him about Lorissa's Kitchen products that I saw on The New Celebrity Apprentice and bought some at Walgreen's this morning.  Scale is down 0.8# for the week and month with body fat the same as yesterday and also for the month. 96oz of water down and 24oz more to go to reach my goal and I'll get a refill in a few since I've almost got this bottle finished. Listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast from Jan 9th and will listen to all of them before moving on to the Bodybuilding.com podcasts.

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