Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So far this week I've kept my sodium in range and calories above 1500 so think I should be OK for weigh in. I lost a little from  yesterday and even Monday's weigh in's. As of 3:48PM I've reached my steps goal of 250 steps 7 out of 10 hours. Will reach my goal of 250 plus steps all 10 hours today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I gained 0.6# at chapter last night think I know why my sodium was over 2300MG and my calories were under 1500 so this week I'm working towards having my calories over 1500 and my sodium under 2300MG. I think I've figured out that I gain if my sodium is high and my calories are low but if my sodium is low and my calories up then I lose. I also need to watch my sweets this week and I should have a nice loss this coming week. As of 4:15PM I've reached my steps goal 8 of 10 hours with 2 more left to go. Think I'll turn it off when we go to SRD in Topeka cause I won't be getting that many steps in most of the time but sitting a lot.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Been a few days but just got busy and forgot to post. Home scale this week was as low as 134.9 and as high as 137.9 so hoping for a lower number tomorrow morning. Will watch and be careful tomorrow since I have weigh in on Monday. Plan on drinking lots of water to avoid any water weight gain from sodium. Got my weekly check in ready just haven't hit send yet will wait a little bit longer. I'll hit my goal of 250 plus steps for 10 hours today I've already gotten in 8 hours with 2 more to go. Didn't reach it the last 2 days due to sitting in church for an hour each night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Got my new workouts last night but was too tired and not feeling good so didn't get them from my iPad to my phone until this morning. Didn't get the templates created until tonight so I did last month's with the change in reps but now the new templates are created so I can do Legs/Abs tomorrow after we get back from Joplin. Still loving my new Alta since I got it I've only not reached my hourly goal 3 days. My weight has gone down and now I'm 5.1# from my goal of 130. Hoping to be there before SRD but if not then as close as I can since I'm 6# on the chapter scale from reaching 130 with 2 weigh in's left so will try and lose a little over 1# each week to get into my maintenance range.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Didn't reach  my goal of 10 hours yesterday because of the hour I sat in church last night. I'm on hour 9 of 10 now so should have that plus my 15K steps too. I lost 1.6# from last month and will see what the scale says tomorrow both in the AM and in the evening. Eager to see what new things Christian has in store for me this month. Plan for tomorrow afternoon is to do Monday Cardio from March while I wait for the new stuff to be finished and sent to me.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Still loving my new Alta. 7 of 10 hours down and 3 more to go. Already reached my steps goal and adding more to it. Posted photos of myself wearing Red Candy with Plum Pretty, Precious Topaz, by itself and Nutmeg on Instagram to see which I like better to wear for SRD. Sent my weekly check in and measurements to Christian this afternoon after dinner so I don't forget to do it tomorrow morning or when I get home from work. Also got the payment sent this morning so I don't forget tomorrow. Another training month came to an end and I've been training with him since June of 2015. Haven't lost much but have learned so much that this month for April I'll be more diligent with my diet and crush my workouts to have a big loss at the end of this 4 weeks.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Loving my new Fit Bit Alta still and the reminders to move I was worried but today I made my hourly goal for the entire 9 hours that I was at work today and I reached hour 10 when I got home. I raised my steps goal to 15K from 12K yesterday and I'm 5,157 steps from reaching my goal. I got my TOPS minutes typed up tonight so I wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow since I had some quarters to put in my TOPS stuff anyways.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Loving my new Alta and the text notifications. It buzzes to let me know I have a text. I also set up the calendar alert too but haven't had anything on my calendar to test it out but will tomorrow with work.  So far I'm 1 hour away from having my goal of 10 hours of 250 or more steps.  I might need the reminder tomorrow for most of my work shift but will try to walk around when not busy at the register.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Got my Alta all set up within an hour and a half or so. Can't wait to use it tomorrow for my workouts. Got my Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout in this afternoon and will do Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps in the morning to make up for not going yesterday. Watching 2 Fast 2 Furious and will watch Tokyo Drift since I haven't seen that one yet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Been a few days and my Alta is on schedule and should be here tomorrow when I get home from work and my gym workout. I get off at 6PM tonight and that's a little too late for me to workout then eat dinner so will do Chest/Shoulders/Triceps tomorrow then on Thursday Legs/Abs and Back/Biceps. Plan changed for Friday I work 9:45-5:30 instead of 1:30-5:30 so going to skip my Cardio workout for this week. I'll do all 3 machines in the 3 workouts tomorrow and Thursday. Still waiting eagerly for it to get here I'll open it and put it on the charge before I sit down to eat in hopes of not having to let mine charge overnight.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


My Fit Bit Alta will be here on Wednesday of next week. Got in my workout today and plan is Cardio for tomorrow. Watching American Idol but won't vote until they sing their individual songs after the duets. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Got in a great double workout this afternoon. The fit bit Alta was released today and not sure when mine will ship out. Getting caught up on The Voice before tonight's episode.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Missed a couple of days it was crazy on Friday then busy and early Saturday then Sunday just forgot and yesterday too. I lost 1.2# at TOPS last night and am 6.6# from getting where I want to be at 130#. I have 4 weigh in's left to get there so should have no problems with that. Getting excited as my new Alta should be released and shipped out starting tomorrow so will get it by my birthday. To get used to the clasp I am charging my Charge then will set it up again and use it until the new one arrives.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Missed a couple days but did get both workouts in on Friday as the truck was delayed until the afternoon only we didn't find out until we were there for an hour. Off tomorrow so will get my Monday Cardio in and off early enough all week to get my workouts in on the scheduled day. Home scale is down 1# from last Sunday and down 1.4# from last Monday morning so have a great feeling about weigh in tomorrow.

Beginning to think I shouldn't have posted about KOPS IN Waiting which used to be in TOPS years ago and about making the KOPS leeway 5# above and 5# below goal instead of 3# above and 7# below goal.  Have gotten not many replies that support my idea most like the leeway thing the way it is and haven't gotten an answer as to why TOPS headquarters did away with KIW.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Feel good now but still don't remember stopping to get something to eat on the way home or taking my Ibuprofen but I did. Home scale was down the .6# I gained on Monday night so should be OK for Monday night I hope. Behind but trying to get in at least 10K steps today don't care if I reach my 12K steps goal but at least want 10K. I'm halfway there now so hope in the next hour or so to reach it.  Back/Biceps workout tomorrow and will see how tired I am after work if I do Cardio too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Missed one day in March already but that's OK I was tired.  Got my medicines for my root canal tomorrow on Monday evening. I was on the list to be called on Monday morning when I called so I went to get my scrips when I got off work. I'm 8.1# from reaching where I want to be and I have 5 weigh in's to try and reach 130. At chapter if I lose about 1.5# a week I will be at 130 before SRD. On my home scale I need to lose a little over 1.5# a week but since I weigh daily I should be there sooner.