Sunday, March 6, 2016


Missed a couple days but did get both workouts in on Friday as the truck was delayed until the afternoon only we didn't find out until we were there for an hour. Off tomorrow so will get my Monday Cardio in and off early enough all week to get my workouts in on the scheduled day. Home scale is down 1# from last Sunday and down 1.4# from last Monday morning so have a great feeling about weigh in tomorrow.

Beginning to think I shouldn't have posted about KOPS IN Waiting which used to be in TOPS years ago and about making the KOPS leeway 5# above and 5# below goal instead of 3# above and 7# below goal.  Have gotten not many replies that support my idea most like the leeway thing the way it is and haven't gotten an answer as to why TOPS headquarters did away with KIW.

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