Wednesday, February 1, 2017


63 days in a row of writing. Scale maintaining from yesterday so I'm down 0.9# for the week and 1# for the month. Body fat is up 0.1% for the week and up 0.5% for the month so have some work to do if I'm going to get under 30% body fat by June. Almost ready for my third 24oz bottle of water for today. Trying to decide what I want to order at Starbucks since I promised my opening manager tomorrow that when I open with him I'd stop and get him a coffee and me something to use my Visa Giftcard I got for Christmas and haven't used yet. Tomorrow will be the first chance since Christmas that I've opened with him to get him his usual and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I may get the Shakened Green Tea with 1 packet of either Splenda or Truvia haven't decided yet. I can always get the green tea and not worry about the calories or sugar unless I get it unsweetened.

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