Saturday, February 4, 2017


Day 66 of writing.  Scale is up 0.3# from yesterday but down 0.6# for the week. Down 0.7# for the month so far. Body fat wasn't working this morning so not sure how it is up or down from yesterday, for the week and for the month.  Plan on getting in all 5 days of workouts this next week. Back is a lot better didn't use Tiger Balm at all yesterday or today and might or might not use it on Monday before my workout. 72oz of water down and 48oz more to go. Drinking the fourth 24oz bottle of water now and hope to have it gone and a refill before leaving for church. Hard to believe that I start week 3 of this training month tomorrow the month is flying right by. After I eat an egg sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner I'll wash my face and brush my teeth to keep me from snacking later.

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