Monday, September 12, 2016


Burned 426 calories this morning doing my Monday Cardio plus the finishers 4 sets of each from my Tues/Thurs workouts. Down 1.3# on my scale and confident that I have a loss from 2 week's ago at chapter tonight. I've already reported my weigh in's to the online loops and to Christian since I started reporting my morning weigh in on Monday only effective last week. It's easier since I have counting tonight 5 evening weigh in's left. Want to skip out tonight after weighing in but won't since our new AC is coming to give the program but am getting burned out on Subway sandwiches so will come home and eat something after the meeting.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 progress photo

Taken on Sept 7th at MAC Fitness!!!


Been over a week but kept on thinking about it so decided since I have the time this morning to do so. I started taking Fiber pills and so far it's been helping. Down 0.8# from last Sunday's weigh in so should be OK for weigh in tomorrow.  Counting tomorrow I have 5 TOPS weigh in's left and if it weren't for the fact that our AC Teresa is coming to do the program I'd weigh and leave since I do have to be at work early on Tuesday. I'm not going to go to Subway with them this week as I'm getting burned out on having a Subway sandwich and chips every week for the last year and a half. Not sure I'll want to eat Subway for a while after that so plan on not joining them starting this week. For now all that was changed by my trainer in the new month is Cardio and Legs but will see after next week's weigh in if the arm workouts get changed as well. It's much easier and faster to just print my workouts than to try and put them into templates on the website. Every time I'd try and create a template after I did one or two my internet browser would freeze up on me.  I've got 6.7# to go to reach my goal of 130 so need to really focus and limit the snacking until I reach my goal then I need to maintain it. I could've very easily called my doctor and had my goal raised from 125 to 130 but I refused to do it so after talking to my trainer we've decided that my maintenance range is 125-135 but I'd like to be no lower than 130.