Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Been a few days since I've checked in and I let the yahoo groups weight recorders and owners know that I plan on reporting my home weigh in's starting on Monday so I never have a no weigh in for a holiday or for weather that will be nice. I was talking to one of the group owners and she's right TOPS isn't what it used to be where weigh in's started on time and we were all about losing weight and giving helpful information. I feel like I know more from the last 4 years at MAC fitness that I have the first 8 years that I belonged to TOPS before joining the gym. I'm 2.3# from getting into my healthy range and 7.3# from reaching my goal of 130. Going to try and reach it before we leave on October 11th for Colorado. Been fighting a sinus cold which is almost gone. Hard to believe another training month ends this week and a new one begins on Sunday. Plan is to write down my starting weight from Sunday then at the end of the training month on Sunday write that number down and see how much I've lost for the month. Still need to use my Nail Envy treatment today.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/6 progress photo

Going to send this photo to Christian on Monday just in case I can't take another photo on Monday.

Top photo is from April and the bottom photo is from yesterday I think I look different but not sure will let Christian take a look at the difference on Monday. Waiting for my work schedule so I know what my workout plan for next week will be if I get in 5 days of 4 workouts or 4 days of 4 workouts 3 lifting days, 1 Cardio day and the add on workout on my legs/abs day. 24oz of water down and 96oz left to go.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I have 9 TOPS weigh in's left and we have about 10 weeks before vacation and this time I won't gain when I get home since I plan on going hiking with my dad and uncle Jon. Got my new glasses yesterday probably should've had them tightened up a little more. Bought a new water bottle at wal-mart this morning and it does keep the water cold and ice in it like the sticker on it said. Filled it with ice and water over an hour ago and it's still has ice in it and the water is still cold. Need to get back in the habit of dropping by here every day or two. I lost the 2# at chapter this week that I gained last week so I'm where I was 2 weeks ago when we weighed in at Wendy's building for the final time. TOPS weigh in I have 6.2# to reach my goal of 130 and home scale I have also 6.2# to go so I should be at or close to 130 by my final TOPS meeting on October 10th.