Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I have 9 TOPS weigh in's left and we have about 10 weeks before vacation and this time I won't gain when I get home since I plan on going hiking with my dad and uncle Jon. Got my new glasses yesterday probably should've had them tightened up a little more. Bought a new water bottle at wal-mart this morning and it does keep the water cold and ice in it like the sticker on it said. Filled it with ice and water over an hour ago and it's still has ice in it and the water is still cold. Need to get back in the habit of dropping by here every day or two. I lost the 2# at chapter this week that I gained last week so I'm where I was 2 weeks ago when we weighed in at Wendy's building for the final time. TOPS weigh in I have 6.2# to reach my goal of 130 and home scale I have also 6.2# to go so I should be at or close to 130 by my final TOPS meeting on October 10th.

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