Saturday, January 21, 2017


21 days in a row and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale is up 1.8# for the week and up 0.6# for the month so have to stay focused and not snack the rest of today and tomorrow to have a good loss or any kind of loss for the month and week. As of noon still no schedule for next week so don't know what time I go in tomorrow. Back is feeling better but using an Icy Hot patch this afternoon and using Tiger Balm before work and even if needed at work and before my workouts. Can't plan my workouts until I see the work schedule which hasn't come yet. If I don't see it by 3PM then I'll call so at least I know when I work tomorrow. Looks like I'll just get to workout Mon, Tue, and Wed since Thurs and Fri I work til 5PM and I don't like to go workout after 5. Going to wait until my back is healed before trying the morning class at the gym.

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