Sunday, January 15, 2017


15 days in 2017 and every day since Dec 1, 2016. Scale down 0.7# for the week and 1.4# for the month so far with one week left in the training month. Weather and road conditions will dictate if I go to the gym tomorrow or if I just walk in place watching TV like I did on Friday. Rest of the week is still a go for my workouts but will lift lighter than normal until my back feels better. Wearing a heat pain patch but it's almost too cool so will put on my cooper care back brace before I leave for work. I've never been so glad to miss a truck day than I am to be off tomorrow to let my back rest and I won't be lifting anything heavy on Friday for that truck. Gonna try and not drop anything that I have to bend over to pick up since my back hurts to bend over.

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