Tuesday, January 31, 2017


62 days in a row of writing daily. Scale down 0.9# for the week and 1# for the month. Great Chest/Triceps workout today and burned over 400 calories. Tomorrow's workout is Legs/Abs and use the great ab/stretch area that was just created last week. Seth moved the treadmill out that didn't work and then moved all of the cardio equipment into 1 area with the 4 treadmills all in a row then the bikes,ellipticals and stair master in another row with room for stretching and abs where you won't be in the way by trying to do them in the back.  96oz of water down and 24oz more to go drinking that now. I drank 48oz of water before I went to workout then got number 3 while there then number 4 when I got home and drinking number 5 now. I drink 5 24oz bottles of water every day or try too at least. Back is feeling better but just to be sure that I didn't overdo it by lifting my usual amount I used Tiger Balm before and Icy Hot after my workout.

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