Saturday, February 6, 2016


Missed yesterday due to being so tired after an early day at work. Got my e-mail ready for tomorrow to see what suggestions Christian has for supplements since Bear Toes is closing their doors soon. Got in my Back/Biceps workout yesterday but sacrificed my Cardio workout since I'll get it in on Monday morning. Lent is coming up so I'm giving up all unhealthy snacks and I won't bite it if I don't log it in My Fitness Pal app or website. Also for lent I will attempt to post in all of my Face Book groups that I belong to. Might leave the prayer group and the hitch fit group since right now I'm all about Altered Physique Fitness in Joplin, Missouri and not about the Hitch Fit gyms in Kansas City, KS and Overland Park, KS. Need to leave some groups since I'm in 33 groups so need to decide which groups are the most important to stay then leave the others. Will do that when I get home from church later.

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