Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Been a while but that will all change since I decided to not renew my TOPS membership when it comes up in October. Still need to find out when my last weigh in will be need to post to the officer's Facebook group. I told Norma that I won't be taking an office this year and why she of course doesn't want to see me leave but I told her that I'll give myself til the first of the year if I can't do it on my own with the help of Christian, Mica, her Facebook group, the Sassies, the JJ Sistas, and the BLC BC GG then I will rejoin in January. I find that I CAN and WILL do this on my own. Other members have the mindset this week that "OH I can eat whatever then work hard to not show a gain or a large gain for June 6th" but I have the mindset that I can't do that as I still have to weigh in on Monday for Christian.

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