Monday, May 30, 2016


It was pouring down rain when I got off work at 12:30 so after dinner I did Leslie Sansone's Burn Body Fat 3 Mile walk again from YouTube. Weight was up 1.4# from last week but body fat was the same this week as last week. Weight though from yesterday was up only 0.8# so that could be anything as the reason for the gain most likely it was my sodium was up a couple days last week and started this week out up yesterday but it's in check today so going to keep it that way all week. Tomorrow's plan is still Chest/Shoulders/Triceps at the gym. Not sure if I'll get there Friday or do Leslie's walking workout again since not sure if we are going out to eat dinner on Friday or not. I have an appt. at 2PM on Friday so will see if I go back over to do my Cardio or not. I'm eager to hear what Christian has to say about my weigh in and also my weekly check in which I sent the weigh in this AM and the weekly check in on Saturday evening.

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