Friday, June 10, 2016


Burned 443 calories today in my Cardio/Abs workout. Tomorrow is my last TOPS area/state event and I will buy a pen or something for my secret pal so it doesn't look like something is wrong since I almost always buy something at these events the workshops and fun day's. I'll have Norma go up there with me and see if there is something that Bruce would like if not then I'll buy a pen. Plan on when I get my e-mail ready for Christian tomorrow then I'll remind him of what other equipment I have access to at the gym. I've been doing the same exercises for a year now so will see if I can get some different exercises. I think my body is getting used to these exercises I've been doing for a while now. I will remind him I have kettle bells, wall balls, medicine balls, a rope, a TRX, rings, several squat racks, and might even be able to find the ladder that we used to use for the morning class warm up.

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