Saturday, June 4, 2016


Been a few days since I was here last. On Wednesday I noticed that it felt like something was in my left eye so on Thursday after work I had my mom take a photo of it and sent it to the eye dr who called in an antibiotic prescription on Friday afternoon. I looks like either a Stye or some kind of infection I couldn't really understand Wayne as he was coaching a baseball game Thursday evening. Taking the weekend and Monday off from my workout to give the antibiotic time to work.  Need to do one more coat of Nail Envy to start a new week of treatment on my nails. My eye is red and swollen so not going anywhere today other than church then have to work 2-8 tomorrow. Home scale was down 1.1# from yesterday but still up a little from last TOPS weigh in not much just 0.5# from last chapter weigh in and the same as Monday morning of 2 weeks ago. I'm down 1.4# from last Monday morning's weigh in so I should be OK for this week's weigh in's.

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