Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Been 3 weeks today since I wrote last but decided that maybe if I put the site into my most used folder and can't close it out til I write that maybe I'll write more often. This morning on the way home from the gym I decided to set a goal for the rest of this training month to get my diet right and workouts on point to by next summer look like I could step on stage and compete. I think when I was in TOPS my goal at first was to reach KOPS then when I decided to not become one again I lost my focus on a goal so today decided to set that one and will e-mail Christian shortly to see what he thinks of the idea if  I could pull it off by mid June which is going to be my 2 year trainiversary. I started training with him mid June of 2014 so would like to reach that goal by then of getting my diet right and workouts great to look like I could step on stage and compete which I probably never will but would like to look like I could. Today I did Nov Back/Biceps and since I had a headache I did 20 min on the spin bike instead of the elliptical. Waiting for my new stuff but will do Cardio on Friday late morning/early afternoon. 

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